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Financial Options

// Hands On Chiropractic and Massage

Fair exchange for services always results in better results.


Your options to pay for your care in our Chiropractic and Massage Center can include various forms of payment. We do have an insurance billing department but accept direct payments from patients, as well.

We participate as a Preferred Provider with Regence and Blue Cross plans in Oregon and some other states, thereby offering group discounts and direct billing services.

Our billing department can check on your benefits and viability for help from your insurance when getting care in our office. We work hard to make things happen for you.

Auto injury and work injury cases typically are fully covered through Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Workers Compensation benefits.

Cash is always a good option to pay for your services. We accept payments for services by check or credit card, as well. Discounts may apply based on your treatment plan.

If you have any uncertainty about your plan or have any additional questions, please contact our appointment desk or billing office at (503) 583-8020.

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